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A Bridge to Hide Under

I am stealing this from a friend. She went fishing and posted on Facebook

Today I am thankful for bridges to sit under while waiting for the storm to pass..kinda like the situation we are all in now.. waiting for the storm to pass.. but “under the bridge” we find refuge, peace, and can still see joy in the waiting. #fishing#raining#praiseyouinthisstorm#thistooshallpass

As I dwell on this post, I think about how eager we are for this "storm" to pass. I think about times that I have been caught out in the storm. How I was cold and drenched - searching for shelter. Just looking for a place to get a minute of refuge from the downpour.

Then I flash back to the present. I think of how we are isolated and lonely. I think of how we are soaked through with worries and emotions. Looking for answers on how to deal with our current situation - searching for shelter from the storm.

It is in these times that we must cling to our humanity to stay sane. More than that, we must cling to the Divine. We need, strike that...we HAVE to hold on to God. We have to remember that this is just a chapter in the book. We have a Savior who provides refuge and peace. We have a God who is in control. Though we may be worried or scared, we must remember that we have a bridge - a Rock - where we can take shelter and wait out the storm.

With Love,


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