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Resuming Church

Let’s worship together again. The Church in the church!

Whether we are able to attend church for worship on May 3rd or May 31st, we are mindful of your health and want you to feel safe and be safe while you attend corporate worship.

Please remember if you are feeling unwell, stay and rest at home and take care of yourself.

We will miss you, we will pray for you as you are praying for us and we will worship again together soon.

Please note these important temporary measures...

Section 1. Our history is stedfast and our future will be too, in time...

a. I know that Cookson Creek is the signature for happy hugs and holy hand shaking but we will observe each others personal space and follow the social distancing guidelines.

Please respect others personal space by NOT shaking hands or giving hugs.

“This to shall pass”

We will get back to a new normal of fellowship and togetherness in the near future.

b. It’s okay to smile and wave!

I love to see all your smiling faces, but There WILL be general use surgical face masks available at the door for everyone in attendance.

There WILL also be multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout the church for your use from touching hard surfaces that others will also touch.

Please note.. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children 2 years of age and under do not wear masks or face coverings.

Since the weather temperatures are moderate at this time, the church doors will be opened to lessen exposure and will remain open until 11am with ushers posted at the doors.

We will continue to assemble at the altar for prayer first in the service, just be aware of those around you and keep in mind the social distancing measures.

Prayer request service will begin at 10:45am

Please plan to be at the worship service before or by 11am. Doors will be closed around 11am.

Sunday Evening Worship Service 6pm.

Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting 7pm.

Section 2. The Worship Service...

Listed below are some statements, questions and answers for what our first service back will look like:

Families please sit together.

I know we are all Gods family but please be considerate of each others circumstances.

a. What about Sunday School?

We will not have Sunday School on May 3, 2020.

We will resume Sunday School classes if possible on May 17, 2020.

b. Yes Birthdays and Anniversaries at 11:05am!

No Choir?

We will have Congregational Singing in place at our seats.

All hymnals, choir books, other books and papers will be removed from the sanctuary temporarily because they can not be sanitized and cleaned like the pews and door handles can etc.

c. Special songs?

We would love to have special songs. We ask that you take the measure of choosing a specific microphone and use and sanitize after the service or sing without a microphone.

No microphones?

We will clean and provide individual microphones for everyone that has a song to sing for The Lord.

d. How can I give my offering?

Please use the little white church building in the vestibule as a offering station to drop in your tithes and offerings to The Lord.

e. Prayer, Preaching, and Praise

I know our first services with these measures in place is going to feel awkward and many may not want to come, BUT we have to begin sometime. This virus is not going to destroy the assembling of the Body, Christ said, not even the gates of hell would prevail against the Church!

After the invitation, we will have announcements and we will Bless The Lord.

When the service is dismissed, please continue to observe social distancing measures.

Section 3. After each service...

The church will be cleaned and sanitized by those who do not have any pre-existing conditions before your arrival and immediately after each service. This includes all the doors, door handles and knobs, all pews, the piano and the organ, water fountain, restrooms and floors.

Section 4. Other items to remember...

We will continue to provide the church bulletin and it will be placed in your church pew before the service. Please keep this valuable information & take it home with you.

Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer after using the restroom.

Please see the posted signs about appropriate hand washing.

Other small groups and available church use options...

If you choose to have a small group ministry or fellowship throughout the week, please continue to follow the social distancing guidelines and sanitize the areas used including restrooms, water fountain, hard surfaces, door handles and knobs, floors, and other items that might be touched.

Thank you for your attention.

God bless you and keep you!

Pastor Brian

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